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Do you believe in a project? Contact us

Each project must have the soul and the identity that the client wants to give it.

Our professional approach starts with respect and attention to our interlocutor and his project, which is developed through a process of collaboration and cooperation that makes the customer a real partner.

Contact details :

Office in Brescia

  • Phone 030 2943614
  • Fax 030 2950988
  • Email:

Visit us

  • Registered office: Via Solferino 32/A – Brescia
  • Place of business: Via Pietro Boifava, 7 – Brescia


  • M.P. Engineering S.r.l.
  • Limited liability company
  • VAT number 03296270170


  • REA Registration No. 354667
  • INPS serial No. 1511530776
  • INAIL registration No. 4856486


  • RCT UNIPOL SPA construction risk policy for General Conctractor. Maximum per claim € 2,500,000.00
  • LLOYD’S Professional liability insurance policy. Maximum per claim € 1,500,000.00