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A single interlocutor, the only interlocutor

We design value and harmony, creativity and care with turnkey services and solutions

MP Engineering is a company that acts as a general contractor. Born in 1995 and based in Brescia, the studio currently operates throughout the country, particularly on Northern Italy and for the cities of Brescia, Bergamo, Milan and Turin.

MP Engineering collaborates with companies and private clients who need a complete service and turnkey solutions for new realizations, renovations and conservative restorations in the advanced tertiary sector, office and residential area.

Composed of professionals with specific and diversified skills, M.P. Engineering works to study and to develop successfully all the project’s phases, from the beginning until the completion of the work. As a general contractor M.P. Engineering proposes itself as the only interlocutor for the design, the preparation and the realization of turnkey works.

The multidisciplinary team assumes total responsibility for the realization of the work, ensuring control and coordination at all levels of intervention. Experience and consolidate skills of M.P. Engineering’s team guarantee an executive methodology that allows to verify each phase through project management processes.

What we do


Every architecture project start with a concept.


We turn a concept idea into an innovative project.

Interior Design

We design spaces and objects within your sites.


The construction isn’t only the completed work but also the process.


Each construction needs to be organized and supervised.


We assemble different materials to generate new spaces, a new structure.

The total control over the production process, which ranges from the executive design to the consideration of every technical aspect, as well as ensuring the optimization of time and costs, ensures the care of every little detail and the sincere respect of the soul of the customer’s project . For M.P. Engineering these are the ingredients that involves the development of quality works in the building, plant and furnishing complements. Works are able to meet customer needs, in fact an important place is reserved to customer, who become real partner and collaborator in the course of the project.

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